Jesse James KEITEL

"Ryan miller"

Jesse James Keitel is a multidisciplinary artist and actor based in New York City. Originally from Eastern Long Island, New York, Jesse attended Pace University where they received a BFA in Acting. Their recent TV/Film credits include: YOUNGER (TV Land/ Hulu), ALEX STRANGELOVE (Netflix), WHAT WOULD YOU DO? (ABC), and FLUIDITY (Dir. Linda Yellen). NYC Theater credits include: BEAUTIFUL PROVINCE (LCT3), PIN AND THE BLUE FAIRY (Dixon Place), and OHIO IMPROMTU (La Mama). Jesse is also a performance artist under the pseudonym Peroxide of the Haus of Femanon.



Ryan cutrona

"Al miller"

Ryan Cutrona is featured in the films O.G., THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN AMERICA, THE CHANGELING, HOT SHOTS, THE LAST BOY SCOUT, IN THE LINE OF FIRE, GODS AND GENERALS, PSYCHO, SLIVER, and Joe Frank’s shorts THE PERFECT WOMAN and MEMORIES. He worked with Joe on his NPR radio programs for 30 years. He worked with influential experimental theater companies such as Jerzy Grotowski’s Instytut Aktora in Poland and Ellen Stewart’s LA MAMA, performing solo world premieres by Samuel Beckett and Robert Pinget. He also performed in Anne Bogart’s ‘1951’ at New York Theater Workshop and with Jack Gelber at EST. He is known for recurring roles on WEST WING, THE PRACTICE, “24”, THE BRINK, and MAD MEN, winning two SAG Awards.