Thunderstorms AND Fireflies

We’re excited to share the news of our research trip to Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania where we interviewed small-town auto shop owners and researched LGBTQ communities in the area. The trip was informative for story development and production design. In fact, most of the headers on the website are photos we took on the trip to use as references. Some highlights from the trip: witnessing an epic thunderstorm with hail, trying to herd buffalo, Amish teenagers zooming by in a horse and buggy race, lots and lots of cornfields, eating the BEST one dollar ice cream, and drinking Bud Light on the porch while watching fireflies (aka lighting bugs) with native Ohioans.


Welcome to MILLER & SON!

Hello, wonderful MILLER & SON supporters! We wanted to send a quick note to welcome you to our website and our blog, where we will post updates on our film throughout the production process. We look forward to taking you on the journey! 


Look out for photos from our research trip to rural Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, where we visited family auto shops, interviewed garage owners, and took tons of photos! In the meantime, check out our Team page where you can get to know more about us and our backgrounds as filmmakers. More to come soon!